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戲院食爆谷就食得多,將爆谷帶返屋企有咩用?用嚟沖涼呀!🚿😶‍🌫️咁多筒香甜嘅爆谷真係好吸引,隔住個mon都聞到陣香味😍Alpha Soap隆重推出造型番皂,唔捨得拎嚟用都可以放喺房間作裝飾,成間房都香噴噴🧼番皂上面仲印有【皂一皂】Logo,認住我哋呀!😆

When is the moment of satisfaction of bringing popcorn home instead of enjoying in the theatre? Shower time! The popcorn designed handmade soap are so attractive, and could even smell the caramel flavor through the phone screen. Alpha Soap proudly presented the styling soap, which can be placed in the room for decoration even if you can't bear to use it.


創作靈感 Inspiration

焦糖粒粒爆谷筒🍿Caramel Popcorn




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