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Alpha Soap

Artisan soap brand,

Hong Kong based.

Live an exquisite life with Alpha Soap.

Artcraft that combines beauty & practicality.


About Us

「樂‧創人生」青年生涯導向計劃  行業分享工作坊

2024年5月20日 「樂‧創人生」行業分享工作坊

拾捌堂: 手工皂都可以係藝術品!

2024年4月30日 拾捌堂: 手工皂都可以係藝術品!


2024年4月5日 StartChing: 特色手工皂獲資助進軍新加坡

Alpha Soap

Hong Kong handmade soap brand founded in 2021, rooted in the concept of environmental protection and influenced by the modern trend of "Instagrammable" culture. We create aesthetically pleasing and practical gifts from daily life. We have expanded into our first stop - Singapore, we believe art can bring out the uniqueness of each city to the world by using the power of the internet.


MOQ just 1pcs

Work from home

One-stop production

Brand building gifts

Brand collaboration

Career guidance

Support creators

Be our designers!

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