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Brand story

Spread the Hong Kong 'Lion Rock spirit' to the world

Alpha Soap, the creative handmade soap brand established in Hong Kong in 2021, aims to promote environmental protection by reducing the use of plastic bottles in daily life. Our team crafts beautiful and practical gifts, incorporating the concept of living an exquisite life through well-crafted daily necessities.


We prioritize skincare and address common dryness issues using traditional soaps by incorporating natural moisturizing ingredients into our creative designs. With our local design team, Alpha Soap welcomes customized orders for various occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, banquets, and parties, contributing to preserving unique gifting culture.


The brand is pronounced as "gaan2 jat1 gaan2" in Cantonese, it is a homonym that means "Come and choose!" Alpha Soap connects with the world through the internet, spreading the "Can Do" spirit of Hong Kong's handcraft industry to art and craft enthusiasts worldwide.


Alpha Soap has an online store and a physical showroom, but we do not offer any courses currently. You are invited to reach out to us if you are interested in collaboration or have any inquiries.

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