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New Generation Hong Kong Gift Brand Built from Scratch:
Alpha Soap


Alpha Soap, the local gift brand, has emerged quickly in the handmade soap market recently, becoming a unique player in the field of handmade soap. Alpha Soap is committed to incorporating Hong Kong scenery and culture into handmade soap designs and promoting the city and craftsmanship worldwide through the power of the internet.

Tailored Corporate Gifts to Enhance Brand Image


Nana Kwong, the founder, established her first custom-made gift shop in 2018, recognizing the importance of brand image for commercial clients and believing that the value of a thoughtfully crafted gift surpasses a million-dollar medal. Therefore, Alpha Soap focuses on creating visually appealing and practical corporate gifts. From design and packaging to market planning, we collaborate closely with our clients to tailor handmade soap production, thus solidifying brand image, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting consumer confidence in the company.


Customized gift not only showcases brand image but also serve as an emotional bond between corporates and clients, such as making corporate gifts, annual and event gifts, or giveaways. The craft team of Alpha Soap communicates with commercial clients to ensure that each soap reflects the unique value of their brand.

Distribution Model to Expand Brand Visibility

With 4.5 years of experience as a flight attendant, Nana firmly believes in the power of teamwork. Alpha Soap adopts a distribution business model to expand brand visibility and reach a broader market. As a producer and supplier, the brand connects with distributors through the internet. This model allows for faster delivery of greater benefits to commercial clients, enabling them to enjoy customized corporate gift services.


Each customized handmade soap is designed and created through 1-on-1 communication with clients, becoming a personalized corporate gift that represents the company's values.

Embracing Internet Trends as a New Generation E-commerce

The brand is dedicated to promoting its handmade soap products to the global market using the power of the internet. Leveraging Nana's experiences in operating e-commerce throughout the years and the knowledge she studied in Marketing and Public Relations, the brand has successfully expanded to Singapore in 2024 with the support of the Hong Kong Productivity Council's BUD Funding Scheme.


Alpha Soap products are currently available in well-known retailers in Hong Kong, including Ngong Ping 360, Man Mo Temple, Central Market, MTR Mall Gift Shop Louder, and several well-known online shopping platforms, receiving widespread acclaim. Alpha Soap will continue to expand to more countries and cities through e-commerce in the future, and the development model will become a signature strategy for operating e-commerce brands.

About the Brand

Alpha Soap is a Hong Kong-based brand specializing in creative handmade soap gifts. The fundamental establishment of the brand is to combine aesthetics with practicality, integrating art into daily life. The brand is pronounced as "gaan2 jat1 gaan2" in Cantonese, it is a homonym that means "Come and choose!" Alpha Soap connects with the world through the internet, spreading the "Can Do" spirit of Hong Kong's handcraft industry to art and craft enthusiasts worldwide.


Our young and creative team is familiar with the modern ‘check-in’ culture on social media, allowing Alpha Soap to craft beautiful and practical heartwarming masterpieces that bridge traditional handmade art with the cyber world. We firmly believe that Alpha Soap will become a leading brand in the Hong Kong handmade soap industry, with each themed series of handmade soaps having a story, providing users with a fresh experience and serving as an outstanding souvenir and gift that represents Hong Kong.

About the Founder

Nana has resigned from her position as a flight attendant at Cathay Dragon and established Crew Figures in 2018, a tailor-made figurine store that creates personalized commemorative gifts. With the unique business strategies over the past five years, her employees work remotely without presenting themselves physically in the company. Through the power of teamwork, the company achieved over HKD 1 million in sales during the peak of the pandemic in 2023, attracting coverage and interviews from various well-known media, including ViuTV, HKET, Sunday more, Madame Figaro, TVB, and more.

Driven by her passion for gift creation and refined living, Nana founded Alpha Soap in 2021, a handmade soap brand, that made her officially enter into the gift and design industry. In 2020, she pursued a 4-year degree in Marketing and Public Relations at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, believing in the power of knowledge and bringing value to society by creating job opportunities through the brand. She has also received scholarships for 2-times during her part-time studies.

Besides the title of a ‘Brand Founder’, she is also a speaker on entrepreneurship at colleges and universities, her experiences include Hong Kong Community College (HKCC), the School of Professional Education and Executive Development (PolyU SPEED), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U), primary school of Po Leung Kuk, secondary schools of TWGHs, as well as her alma mater, the Queen Elizabeth School (TKWSS).

Media Contact

If you are interested in learning more about our brand and products, or conducting an interview, we look forward to further collaboration with you.


Thank you for your time, and we are excited to share more interesting stories of Alpha Soap with you. For more information or inquiries, please contact us by clicking here.

Alpha Soap

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